Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"dont be afraid, only believe"-jesus

when times look uncertain
when we think our problems are too big
is when we have lost faith
a friend said
"the end of anxiety is the beginning of true faith,
and the beginning of anxiety is the end of faith"
kinda makes sense
that if God put together the universe
and we are more important than five sparrows
that he is faithful to take care of us
ppl created in his image
he knows the number of hairs on our heads
come on, you dont think he knows
that you have like 100 bucks
no job, no house, and alot of plans
those walking a life like Christ
walking in God's will are provided for already
he has told us
dont worry bout what your gonna eat
dont worry bout what your gonna wear
God will provide

and the test that God has put before you
you may not understand why
or what he is trying to teach you
i know i ask God alot of questions
but i feel like there is a point when you just have to stand up
face the fact that God has given you his word
his guidance
stand up and realize you have to listen to him
sometimes its easy, most the time i would say it isn't
but in the end
it brings glory to him and he will bless you
i have to remind myself constantly
this life is not my own
this is a battle for souls
this is alot more than i can see at this moment
he is more than likely preparing me for something
something im currently not ready to face
and he promises not to give you more than you can handle
thank you Jesus for your grace
your mercy that is new EVERY morning

my prayer is for our generation
we lack discipline, respect and are ungrateful
renew this generation Lord
let us rise up and bring glory to your name
Jesus give us strength
give me strength
for i am an unworthy hypocrite.
in the name of Christ Jesus, Amen.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


why? Is a question we ask God alot
in a place where i feel like i know im in Gods will
i have found myself asking "why?"
and i know you are too
why in the middle of certainty and comfort
would one's circumstances change in a way that it
would cause them to question there position
"is God asking something new of me?"
"is he asking me to step out of my comfort zone?"
"is God teaching me something"
i know if your asking yourself this
and you feel the way that i do
your miserable
or uncertain at the least of what should be done
im praying God will show me the answer
im praying his will be done in my life
i hope im not praying for my own selfish desire's
im praying for you
im praying for him
im praying for us
i cant help but look at you and imagine
God helping us live out our lives together
to our fullest potential for him
i wanna grown in Christ with you
i want to kiss your scars
i want God to heal our pain
i want to see you looking back at me with selfless love
i want to hold you with the purest of intentions
i want it if God wants it for me
i find it hard not to believe everything happens
for a reason and i know you would agree
there is more at work here than we can fully see

Sunday, December 21, 2008

WT latenightearlymorning thats when i wrote it ha

you know you cant even see it
when you open your eyes
you know you cant even dream it
when your saying goodnight

you know that its all
you know that its all for nothing

and i knew that you could feel it
when you started to cry
but youd never ever miss me
if i said goodbye

you know that its all
you know that its all for something

but you dont know
you dont even know how to speak
when it comes to talking to me

but love, love
you say you dont know what that means
but its become so clear to me
that its everything that i need

and you dont know
just how bright that you could be
bright enough for the whole wide world to see

and i believe, oh i believe
that i just might be something that we all need

your singin ashes to ashes
and dust to dust
you sat round just bought long enough
for all your bones to rust
and my friend i think your running
out of your luck

Sunday, December 14, 2008


i dont really have much to say,
im not a theologian
but its awesome.

Friday, December 5, 2008

1134 pm

i should be asleep...
breakfast with santa in the morning
and i wish santa would just cook breakfast for me
and wash the dishes...
ah man
im really thankful for some people i have recently met
and for the few of you (very few)
who might actually read my blog
well i guess you get to hear bout them...
Randall, dude your freakin awesome
even tho your apartment is super tiny
dude you get me stoked about people who are just honest
to your face kinda people
you give me a little bit more faith,
that not everyone is out to get ya hahaha
i love you man
dude hayley williams can marry us both
and its fine with me hahaha jk
guitar hero
you have showed me its possible to go out of 
your way to do for people even when you 
personally dont think they deserve it
you have a genuine love for people and 
gave me a perspective that ive really taken
for granted
i love you man

I had this overwhelming feeling of just 
sorrow the past couple days.
not the bad kinda im depressed feeling
but an honest heart ache for christians
who arent in it with the rest of us christians (or so it seems)
who will cheer on their favorite athlete/performer/person they look up to
no matter what situation they are in
but when it comes to our brothers and sisters in christ
we seem to wanna jump on their back as soon as the first sight of
failure comes along
why is it we love people we dont even know 
regardless of who they are and what they have done
but cant even get along with our very brothers and sisters?
we cant even support or pray for those, which God commands us to do.
i myself am guilty and pray God will daily show me how he thinks
and help me to pray for those that hurt me.

Lets put it this way
we sin, most likely on a daily basis
we break Gods heart everyday
sometimes knowingly and almost literally
saying to God, "f**k you God, i will continue to do what i want
because i am selfish and i dont care because its what i want at
this moment and time"
what does God do?
he loves us
and loves us
and loves us
more than our moms and dads and brothers and sisters and pastors and your best friend and your dog and all your family all combined
as christians we are supposed to be like Christ 
who is God
so if we cant love each other as God loves us
can we even call ourselves Christians
i am guilty
unfortunately we all are, at one point or another.
i pray that God will open my eyes as well as the eyes of all Christians
that we can all be united together in Christ
because thats how God created us to be
the Church.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

who are we?

but, a vapor.
we have nothing to offer God but what we have been given by him.
im thankful for the clarity God has given me, and beg him to strip away anything that may be seen or is pride.
i beg you God to show me you.